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When you want to

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Jeune Bizut

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Enregistré : 25/11/2020
Posté le 25/11/2020 � 06:16 notnew
I really like what Nigel said to Angelia in the film.
When your personal life is gone, remember to notify me, it means you are going to be promoted.
I very much agree with this sentence, life and work, we choose to work because of life, and work makes us neglect life.
When you want to get promoted, you have to sacrifice more of your private time to work.
Choice is a very interesting thing, and when you make a choice, it also means that you will lose something very pity.
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Jeune Bizute

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Posté le 25/11/2020 � 10:30 notnew
is this a replica of a movie?
« Heureux celui qui joint la santé à l'intelligence »
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